Sunday, September 2, 2012



Gravity ... that strong pull towards the realm of sleep and the unknowing, of deep core, of centrifugal, inevitable forces that hold together, keep from disintegrating and spiraling out

Integrity ... that non-negotiable pull towards the center of one's being

Honesty ... that mashing of gravity and integrity, deepening what is lived into the world and taken into one self

Openness is the key, shining through layers of experience and wisdom

Empathy and understanding, humility with exuberance, innocence tempered with understanding, power understood as love and self-directedness, with self-regard.

Being able to claim... my place, my self, my space, my past, present and future, my voice,

Knowing that I will never be “finished”, at stand still, arrived, rather continuing to experience, learn and that growing means all ranges of reactions and experiences of emotions.

What if I already am

What if I only have to find my way back into the purity of what I am
The becoming is just a beautiful enhancement, adornment of the original golden glow

That would be surrendering to gravity in all its facets and trusting it.

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