Friday, January 21, 2011


Alchemy: The building of a container of love and soul that can hold the mixing of love and death, transforming both

The love that is born out of death is truly soul surpassing, spirit enveloping.
In death, love becomes so pure, so ego-less that all are, all is transformed

Seeing changes, listening changes, glances become steadfast and soft, eyes are opening to let in and pour forth,
To allow the touching of ones innermost core without fear or guarding at the threshold.

In giving of and to each other to celebrate the passing of one soul, the changes of energy, a powerful container of love is created that can absorb the soul transformation. For that is what passing is, a passing on, an absorbing into other…

Without love, taking in of the soul won’t happen, the container for alchemy will not be ready, pure, perfectly shaped by hearts and souls.  Without death, the alchemy won’t take place, for death feeds the flaming up of love, with the rays of soul, with a new richness for life.

Death then can transform relationships, those of the past, of the present, of the future, those of passing, those of staying.

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