Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Beauty is light being reflected in many different ways
To create colors and textures that touch everything.
Beauty is being filled with light radiating out through every pore.

What can beauty teach us but that we are all being touched by everything, suffused, diffused, maybe even confused by the connections, the dabbling, dancing, bouncing off of each others, the prisms and possibilities, the radiance and brilliance.

Darkness then is not an absence of light but an absence of reflection, an absence of something that the light can shine on and be thrown back from at different angles, darkness it light being absorbed. 

Light is always there, everywhere, whether we can see it or not – a trick of the eye.  And our souls can discern it, that quality of velvet darkness where the light is touching us, where we are absorbing the pure light without reflecting it away from us.  And so it is with beauty.

What alchemy then to be able to radiate it out as energy, as our core being, touching others and either creating rainbows or sweet, deep darkness and a soft, humming glow.

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