Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Surrendering to the tides of time

Arms, legs, heart, soul, lungs, eyes wide open, I am lying on a red rock in the middle of a tidal flow of time and timelessness
In the middle of an ancient ocean, the stars are floating on the waves of air high above
A passionately, endlessly and gently exploding and on the verge of exploding energy is coursing through me.
creative, tense, just on the edge and yet always flowing – like the never ending, never ceasing, exciting and soothing, glowing and awakening, sensuous touch of a lover. Like the caressing and holding, a beholding of that gaze, that smile that a lover gives you when thought unobserved or fully present if courageous.
Is this the beloved?  Is this the flow of all flows?
Right through me and I am within it and it is in me.
Before, now and after.
Opposites united – awe and knowing, arousal and softening, sensing and beyond senses, within and part of.

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